If your email is rejected by a mailbox provider and the error message directed you to Return Path, the following information may be helpful.

Today’s email filters are extremely sophisticated. Following email industry best practices is one way to improve your inbox placement, but best practices are not going to maximize your deliverability and optimize your revenue.

Return Path recommends following bulk sender guidelines while also monitoring reputation data, campaign-level filtering data, and individual-level filtering data at all major email providers and filtering companies.

To get started, we suggest the following:

  • Create an account.
  • If your Sender Score is below 70, you need to repair your sender reputation. Download the Hidden Metrics of Email Deliverability to understand the engagement-based metrics mailbox providers are using determine which senders get in the inbox.
  • If your Sender Score is above 70, continue following industry best practices and optimizing your email program. Download the Email Marketing Lookbook to learn how to build and run an effective email program.
  • If your Sender Score is above 80, you may qualify for our Certification program, the industry-leading whitelist. Learn more about the Return Path Certification program.

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