Are your IPs on a blacklist? Check!

If the email server sending your messages has been included in the Reputation Network Blacklist due to past behavior, it may be difficult for your messages to be delivered to some recipients. Check if your IP address is on the blacklist with Blacklist Lookup.

Reputation Network Blacklist Lookup

Return Path hosts a widely used and highly accurate blacklist. It is based on real time data compiled through our cooperative Reputation Network. The Return Path Reputation Network Blacklist calculates the likelihood that emails from any email server may be objectionable or otherwise unwanted based on measurement of past performance. This is not a value judgment about the content of the message, but is based on whether past messages from that server were considered to be "spam" by recipients (along with other metrics.)

Check if your IP address is on the blacklist.

Enter an IP address to do a real time email blacklist check to determine if a particular email server is listed on the Reputation Network Blacklist.


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