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Your Sender Score is one of many criteria used by email providers to filter or deliver your emails. Check your Sender Score and learn more about email filtering.

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What is Sender Score?

Emails reported as “delivered” aren’t necessarily delivered to an email inbox. Emails can be delivered to junk folders, spam folders, and other email folders due to email filtering and rerouting that happens after “delivery” is confirmed by an email provider.

The Sender Score is an indication of the trustworthiness of an email sender’s IP address and is used by email providers and filters to determine additional email filtering criteria. Just like a credit score is used by financial institutions to decide the terms of a loan, email providers use the Sender Score to determine the terms for filtering your emails.

Your Sender Score is an indication of inbox potential, but it’s only one of many data points you need to determine how email providers may be junking, filtering, blocking, or bulking, your emails instead of delivering your email to inboxes. Your Sender Score isn’t the same as your inbox placement rate.

If your Sender Score is low, email providers are more likely to apply filtering criteria to your entire IP address as well as each email campaign.

If your Sender Score is high, email providers are less likely to apply filtering criteria to your entire IP address, and will instead focus filtering criteria on each email campaign and on individual subscriber engagement.

You have a high Sender Score - why are your emails still getting filtered?

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